Monday, January 18, 2010

Being boastful isn't a bad thing long as God is our source of pride.

Look at David before he killed Goliath.  He had a history of God winning for him, once against a lion and once against a bear.  He had reason to be confident that Goliath was an easy kill.  Yet his own brother accused him of being conceited and wicked (1 Samual 17:28-29).  David ignored his brother and kept talking about his potential victory.  His bold claims got him to Saul's court and eventually in front of the giant--whom he taunted face to face.  It was one boast after another--all along about the living God that he knew.

There is a difference between boasting that God forbids and boasting that God enjoys.  Just because some people can't tell the difference doesn't mean the latter type of boasting should be refrained.

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