Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Your will be done

In the Bible Jesus prays these words on two different occasions.  The first time we hear him teaching the disciples how to pray (Matthew 6:9-11) and the second time occurs when he prays them before his crucifixion (Matthew 26:42).

I've noticed that when I pray for God's will to be done, I'm usually doing so regarding something outside of my control, or something unknown in the future.  When Jesus prayed this petition he does so regarding a situation in his control, about a known outcome that he could have avoided: his own crucifixion.

How often do we face a situation or hear a call to action that we don't particularly want to perform?  (i.e. my will vs God's will)  Such is the proper context of this petition: 'Heavenly Father--your will be done'. 

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