Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Does God not have any middle ground?

No, it sure doesn't look like God is into compromising. He gives us an ultimatum of either life or death, blessings or curses. Deuteronomy 28's first 14 verses describe the incredible blessings for those who obey Him while the remaining 54 verses describe the curses for those who don't. And the difference between blessings and curses are on opposite extremes.

We don't like black and white extremes today. We like compromises and take pride in creating win-win situations. Conventional wisdom tells us it's all about making both sides happy. But God isn't happy when we choose to disobey him; there is no half-way obedience with Him.

The fact is, as black and white as God may seem, He has been incredibly patient with His people. His warnings are stern but notice that His punishments typically are slow to come. For example, the Assyrian overthrow of Israel was essentially the fullest curse outlined in Deuteronomy, but only occurred in 721 B.C., over 500 years after the events of Deuteronomy and after centuries of Israelite moral failures.

Can God be blamed for the cruel misfortune of His people after He had given them ample opportunity to change their course time and time again?

Can we blame God for the existence of Hell when we have been given ample opportunity to avoid it?

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