Monday, May 17, 2010

To walk humbly with your God (3)

Of modern saints, Mother Teresa (Agnes Gonxha) is probably the most well known example of humility.

She sensed God's call to belong completely to Him at age 12 but struggled with that desire for 6 years.  At age 18, Agnes joined the Order of Loreto Nuns, whose missionaries were working in Bengal.  One year later, in 1929, she arrived at Calcutta, where she would spent most of her life fulfilling God's call upon her by serving the poor, the unclean and the despised.  

Her humility became evident through her obedience to God: showing his love to the lowly outcasts -- India's 'untouchables' amidst the dirt of unpleasant places.  With few resources, at least in the beginning, her service was not just from an arm's length, living in a clean convent then commuting to the slump each day as if it were her day job.  She moved in amongst the poor, demonstrating the kind of love that her Master humbled himself to give to similarly unclean people.  

And while her service benefitted many, her devotion was towards Jesus alone.  In serving them she served Jesus.  

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