Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Death - the great equalizer

I am just sitting at Starbucks somewhere in downtown San Francisco late tonight. An old man behind me just wanted to talk, he talks to himself, talks to the lady next to me and a couple of times popped up beside me...he is a lonely man, a little out of his mind but completely harmless. I don't mind giving him a little attention if it would give him a little happiness. 

He mumbled and said to me that in the 80's, he knew someone who was a computer operator and made $60 an hour. That's more than what he made in a day's work. Life isn't fair. And this old man, even though he is a little crazy, knows it. 

This is when I think that death is a good thing. It is life's equalizer. EVERYBODY dies. No one is exempt.  Money can't stop it, good looks can't beat it, success is hopeless against it. No, nothing can defeat death...well, except for Jesus, he already did.

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