Monday, September 20, 2010

Fulfilling my destiny

I recently heard a sermon that ignited a good fire in my belly. It went something like this: God is on my team to help me fulfill my God-given destiny.

My potential will not be wasted! How cool is that? It was instantly motivating, I was so 'charged' I wanted to achieve everything that was destined for me.  But today I stepped back and thought about the sermon a little more...God is on MY team to fulfill MY destiny. Why doesn't this idea sit right inside? We'd never say the Prime Minister is on MY team, the Pope is on my side... I can hardly expect the pastor of my church to help fulfill MY godly agenda.  

Jesus didn't really say God was on his team, in fact he constantly talked about his own life goal as doing his Father's will. Is God supposed to fulfill my agenda or is it the other way around? There is a difference between saying God is on my team as opposed to I am on God's team. The crux of the problem with the first saying is that it appeals to my pride.

There is a significant grain of truth in the 'fulfilling destiny' line of motivation. All the first disciples fulfilled their destiny so to speak--they all experienced persecutions and died horrible deaths. Does the notion of 'destiny fulfillment' I found so inspirational recognize God's surprising and often difficult agenda for our lives? Would I be so excited to fulfill my potential if God's destiny for me doesn't involve health, wealth and satisfying my pride?

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