Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Guilty as charged!

Vanity is so firmly anchored in man's heart that a soldier, a rough, a cook or a porter will boast and expect admirers, and even philosophers want them; those who write against them want to enjoy the prestige of having written well, those who read them want the prestige of having read them, and perhaps I who write those want the same thing, perhaps my readers, ... (150, Pensees by Blaise Pascal)
No escape, no exceptions.
Pascal, too, is sucked into the same syndrome he observes, by observing it only to be observed, read and praised. 
So am I, who observe and read and write about him.
So are you, who read us. (Christianity for Modern Pagans by Peter Kreeft)

So am I who read, quote and blog about them both! Guilty as charged. 

But Pascal need not be so hard on himself. His writing is recorded evidence that we, mankind, recycle our neurosis from age to age. And therefore, even with our massive amount of modern knowledge, we need salvation and grace today as much as ever.  

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