Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hope, fear and words

Hope is our fuel, it energizes, empowers, propels us into action. Fear is a puncture in the fuel tank, it drains hope and paralyses us. They are opposite powers working on our psyche. Which side ends up winning may be influenced by our words.

The Egyptians protesting right now are running on hope for a better future--a civilian-run society where they are no longer oppressed. But there is fear too: you see it when reporters ask about the potential rise of an Islamic state like Iran. Those interviewed become angry! Why? Maybe beneath that anger, they fear what the West fears as well; they respond with anger, not wanting to give fear any room.

The internet has now shrunk the world. Words from the West can inject either hope or fear into the tense situation. I wish news commentators were more sensitive when they air their opinions; any pessimistic 'what if's' are just not that helpful right now.

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